The Master of the Universe known by other various faithful and true Holy names, by which have been translated from the Ethiopian Hebrew to the modern day King  James Bible, in thus from here we must recognize that the original language in which the Holy Bible was written has been translated to the world in many different languages, but the one that we speak on here as in specifics would be the English language.

ፈዋሽህ እግዚአብሔር (Amharic) FeWaShi- Igzi’AbHer’ –  Hebrew-יְהוָה רֹפְאֽ- Yahweh Re’phe -English- Exod 15:26- The Lord That Healeth or straight up God (The Triune God that is) The Physician. 


The overstanding of the Ancient Ethiopian Hospital, which for faithful Rastafarians is the same as the New Ethiopian hospital, in it’s reference to what is known by the secular world as Marijuana and various other names by which this healing plant is called.  Now in touching back to the above previous paragraph, the name Yahweh Re’phe is one of the 7 compound names of Yahweh (Jehovah properly with no’ v’ sound).  The picture below is used in an artistic and spiritual perception of Ancient Ethiopian Cushite’s preparing one for the Afterlife after world, now if you look at the picture above with the picture right below it from a Tripart perspective, we get.

1) being brought into this world

2) being healed

3) prepared to leave, or barried

The Ethiopian Hospital

The Healing Plant Of The Nations

The first place that healed is found in the King James Bible is in Gen 20:17-רפא-Refa-H7495 When Abi-Father Abraham prayed for Abiymelech and JAH healed Abiymelech’s whole house, his wife his maidservants and his children, and how much more would He bless and heal the world if it only stood by His original order and truth.  We learn in this world quickly that the enemies of the One True God El’OHIM JAH RASTAFARI are always looking for ways to distract the order of His true Saint’s-קדוש -Qodesh-Kidus and the righteous universal government by which all the I stand.  Righteousness shall reighn in this world only when the true son’s and daughters of the True Black Christ stand up and step up and take their national and international identity’s in pure sovereign truth.

In the issue of medicine and healing their can be many things said, but unless it is beneficial to the service, health of human life and first and foremost JAH Almighty (for the unlearned or ignorant some say God) , then it would only serve as no use or mainly harmful altogether, but we find that there are healthy physical as well as spiritual benefits to and from Marijuana, there is also much evidence of Marijauana healing dangerous tremors in a 2 year baby girl-(www.cnn.com/HEALTH/library/ataxia/DS00910.html)  and also a 6 year old little boy (www.cnn.com/2012/12/10/health/medical-marijuana-child) , in which the young boy’s father calls it miracle Marijuana.



The Revelations of the truth of the Triune God has begun to reveal to the world but mainly to his true children who admit (that is to Amen) the truth in all things and especially in all aspects of human life, and in this presentation we would like to set the ordered record straight on medical Marijuana or Marijuana the universal healing plant which was given to man from JAH by JAH for the healing of the nations.  Being on the subject of the Ethiopian hospital, comes in to mind the vision of the Triune God for that of the Ancients and to what is made a new together through the one and only true God Father Abba Qedus H.I.M. His Imperial Majesty Qedamawi Haile Selassie.



This is what True Christians in Iyesus-Yesua (translated Jesus) Christos fight for, and as true Rastafari in spirit and in truth we would like to give our ever-loving thanks for our protecter guide and creator here now and for all time to come, for He left His blue print in love as a light for the enlightend to see, as justice for the righteous and healing and salvation for those who truly care to here and know the truth.



A very touching subject matter yet none the less is realistic, and no matter which way we look to go or to get away from it, the problem will not go away it will only get worse, there are many people incarcerated for Marijuana all over the world, and INI WE RASTAFARI as JAH’s true children in the Authority of H.I.M. Haile Selassie The 1st  Him, Himself we speak out and take action against such unjust and unrighteous  treatment of first foremost our Ethiopian Black African and mixed seeds breeds and generational cultures in all, whether knowingly of there Black Ethiopian roots through the Triune God given covenant and promised land generational seed of Abba (Father) Abiriham-Abraham or not. Also we are in all ways against anything outside of justice having been put into place by the One Good and True Triune God, Rastafari is against any unjust laws against all human beings no matter race or so-called ethnicity color, creed or backgrounds.

Many people all over the world are suffering today, fathers mothers and children behind unjust laws whether national or international, are sitting in jails being treated as criminals when it is very well not justified by the One and only Good Triune God, infact it is a sin, and true medical needs go unhelped while government institutions play political games for media fashion and political entertainment, and to mention besides medical, the poor suffer ( while countries like the United States act as if they have none referring to everyone who is not rich as “middle class”)  the use of these subtle and crafty terms only show the clear objectives of the country’s spokesmen who speak it such as or likened to the United States, that is to politically divide and/or control the majority of all people in co-opted manipulative propaganda.


A man/woman is nothing without his or her sovereignty, and when any people’s lack their fundamental rights they become vulnerable to subjection whether in their own ignorance, or by their own freewill.  It is therefore by the organized efforts of a people together to guide themselves by the one ultimately good powerful source to their own governmental declaration and order, and as His Imperial Majesty The One Haile Selassie has said that war is not the only solution to end a war.

There is a difference between defender’s of faith and creators of war, and as co-laborers in the vineyard of the One True Master of the Universe it is vital-(Ital for the learned) for not only the health but for and in all endeavors and aspects of human life and activity in the Universe.  Rastafari of the Universe would like to show our everlasting living faith appreciation of the E.W.F Constitution and By-laws of We-(I) the Black peoples of the world as for a blessed token established made set into order by JAH-Hu-The King of Kings Qedamawi Haile Selassie.  This one of many declared ordered establishment’s of the King of King’s has been responsible for the recovery’s of the original humans universal rights also the major importance of strong unity.



In Spirit IN Truth In through Iyesus Kristos and The Qedamawi Haile Selassie Birukhu EtHya-The Triune God, we bless all brothers/sisters in faith and at this moment of moments we would like to feel the cry’s of our brothers/sisters who(Hu-H1931) have been first taken captive against their good will, the many tortured and slain by enemies of the True God.



The Current State of Black Jews In America 2021

This article will hopefully be brought to the attention of those seeking true spiritual national, state local law and all forms of true universal justice, for those in the world who suffer at the hands of any systematic oppression or rightfully said down pressing from the government said to be governing over them at the same time crippling their lives in poverty bad health and wicked political policies being made, playing the false pretenses of liberty though truly meaning deceit in order to push on them another agenda in continuance to under mind the rules and laws of the Almighty God and truly inflict pain and suffering on that people….. For whatever gain.

How to Identify The Problem

To inquiring minds or the reader a very important question concerning the Black Jews also the Black communities in America…. Does the current regime in charge in America and also in the world presence hate the concept that Black people are truly the original Israelites ?

Given an honest opinion the answer would be yes, judging by the purposeful political dis-positioning for success, ignoring and down pressing or as they would say oppressive policies and laws that have been passed down by the current regime on Black peoples, the thought of a people coming out of 400 years of being treated evil, cities and progress burned down to the ground, and in the long haul their social economics in business impoverished. The same people are made subjects, or under false psychological mediated deceptions have subjected themselves to go to the same schools where their education as Black people or Brown people that they truly need is lacking that peoples own cultural and historical values, sending their children up to the same universities teaching them to try to function within a system that still aggressively oppresses their freedoms and true liberation religion, their original universal rights as equalized human beings in the sight of all humanity.

The Bad Results of Years of Racial degradation…I.E. The judgement on a nation

Now in 2021 USA, having the true colors being shown clearly evident, the result of the impoverished Black communities has caused the so called Black American dream to seem to obviously be a nightmare of integrated racial degradation of continual years of misery of always striving and working to get ahead only to end up in the same circle of debt bonds and over due bills. Many Blacks in their quest for a good life of security and peace in the wastelands of American neighborhoods and ghettos, within the depression of their spiritually lacerated hearts day by day witnessing the government perpetrated failure on them and their own people, to fail to obtain a beneficial career that would prosper a family unit to work together in a structure and manner much valuable to the success of themselves and their communities.

The Horrors Continue…

America has failed as a nation to teach Blacks the truth of the Bible for political advantages, evil colonial opportunities that will inevitably end in the final judgement of God Almighty himself, from the days of the volcanic and meteor destruction of Sodom to the great shaking up of Babylon in its last days. Blacks also following certain political parties have also disinherited their very own Hebraic and Israelite identity themselves, fighting against their very own good leaders, their very own true elders and children who try to teach them and tell them the truth by following the white washed lies of Christ himself whether in picture or letter.

Guided by misconception due to racist ideas and wicked political suggestions, robbing the Lords people of their true wealth and education that they are the Israelite peoples of the Bible, that our Lord Adonay Yeshua or so called Jesus Christ truly is a Black man, and that the King of Kings Haile Selassie is the Father Christ in its entirety.

The Secret war against Black Americans and the real freedom Liberators

Now policies that are currently ongoing are harmful and again as was stated disinheriting of Black Americans as Black Jews, this psychological dysfunction has caused those of our own race to be harmfully causative to those proclaiming the name as true Jews and even deeply rooted Rastafari Jews. The message of our true ancestors have gone unheeded, the many of our elders have been lead into a system of confusion claiming to provide the very liberty, republic, or good democracy that it has very well shown to destroy. The hat fits for where it sits, for when a man attains true wisdom he is able to decipher that these political tools can be used as good or detrimentally to their society.

In the USA, wealth is often distributed improperly, the poor are payed low wages over taxed finding their jobs not only hard and miserable, though also their overseers managers and supervisors compromised by scandalous leadership, coldhearted cruelly pushing an agenda that is not only unhealthy to themselves, though also to their fellow co-workers, engineering depressive psychological defects into the human body tirelessly running circles week after week as on a tread or lab rat in some experimental government maze.

The message of our true Kinsmen redeemer and elders ignored

The message of prophets and elders in their efforts to Unite Black People such as the E.W.F.(Ethiopian World Federation), have hardly been sought too and brought into fruition, good and righteous teachers the many to be named and a personal few that I like to mention such Ras Iadonis Tafari of the LOJ(Lion of Judah Society), Dr. Claud Anderson, Boyce Watkins, Pharoah El Atone or (Pharoah said that… on the YT) Brother Ice Cube, just to name a few.


Ice Cube was lied to when he introduced a form of reparations in a rightfully distributed credential service for all Black families in America for the recovering of 400 years sense slavery to the burning down of of the successful economies of Black Wall streets in the whole US and not only Tulsa, in a sort of a loan card. The brother Ice Cube was told that he would be met with a discussion for help to finally get some progress to subside, though to do to some felonious remarks by certain ones, of which of the current leaders were seen eligible to discuss the issue, one of those men was the former president at the time Donald Trump in 2020 and now current president Joe Biden 2021, Though President Trump at the time was said to be willing to discuss the restitution or solution of Ice Cube proposal at that moment, suddenly Ice Cube was blasted by so called pro democratic Blacks and I do mean falsely pro democratic community and was told not to meet with President Trump, then was told that Joe Biden after his election as president would speak to him concerning such a devastatingly important issue as this restitution or reparations plan for Black Americans on Ice Cubes part. And now that Biden is president things have gotten even worst and are going downhill, leaving the filling of being ignored for a bitter welfare of colonial Jim crow policies being reintroduce to further keep Blacks Jews Black American down afflicted and impoverished.

How about that Proposal Cube any justice yet?

Thank you and please if possible any amount of funding if possible would be very appreciated and very much for reading

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We the black Jews of the world, and we black Israelite peoples of the world, and all the children of Israel (Amos 9:7- the children of the Ethiopians), also our ally Israelite nations of different races and mix peoples and ethnicity’s, who have also vowed to Amein and call on the name of Black Jesus, Ieosus Christos  Yeshua Ha Mashiach the most high, the son of the Father Christ Qedamawi Haile Selassie the conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah the King of Kings Lord of Lords Rev 5:5.

We do all here by declare to the world, to the international community, the national community, state community cities and all local laws which are subject under the government of the Almighty Father Son and Holy Spirit.

This day forth, know that we the black Jews of the world, black Israelite and all Israelite peoples in the universe, will keep the Sabbath day (Saturday) holy and will not perform any sort of work or servitude at all places jobs and business’s having to do with work or servitude in any form on or concerning the Sabbath day (Saturday), we will have nothing to do with any sort or kind of work on the Sabbath day with exception of a serious emergency concerning or at the benefit of the Almighty Father Son and Holy Spirit.



LOJ- Lion of Judah Society

LOJ- Lion of Judah Society Nation

RSC- Rastafari South Committee

Lion of Judah Society Nation – Torah Portion 12 prophecy -የሕይወቱ YeHiywetu Vayechi And he lived Heb 11:21


Hebrews 11:21 The meaning of the verse and what it represents

By faith -(self choice of name change to Israel)- , Jacob 1. Ras Tafari

2. or the original sense of the church from its roots, ancient, Ethiopian , the black church of the east and west by extension north and south, the relied on priest and prophet husbandman or His best men, His soldiers leaders of the bride the church.

When he was dying 1. man in spirit being born again to truth and reality – in a good sense.

2. also the creeping coup 1974 in Ethiopia against the King of Kings, taking the last King to sit on the throne of David off of the throne, a symbol of mans fall from light into darkness and the bitter natural reflex of human failure and disillusion giving advantage to worldly belief and false powers and death in a -bad sense.

Blessed both the sons of Joseph 1. Manasseh and Ephraim- Africa Ethiopia- the EOTC the church in its original sense and the OAU- (now called the AAU)

2.  Manasseh and Ephraim- the Falasha’s of the west the scattered tribes of ethnic black and brown Israel by future replacement and the oncoming generation- the LOJ (Lion of Judah Society) and the EWF (Ethiopian World Federation) .

Father Jacob also switched His hands with the children putting the younger before the older in this Torah portion an interesting answer in a parable, even Joseph wondered at this, it is also a future parable. Gen 48:20

-In extension to Israel today- the Lion of Judah Society Nation, for Israel everywhere every race belonging to the King of Kings is world citizenship status, and companion Israelite nations-.

And worshipped– the true act of real worship of the one true God JAH Ras Tafari- the Head to be reverenced and respected, and not in a worldly sense nor seeking – Hebrews 13:10

Leaning– (Supporting itself- depending on the support of its self- on the support of JAH people, concerning the support of JAH people.

On the top– the Ras- the head- Hebrew Rosh- Greek strongs epi G1909 a position- super imposition of Torah time,in spirit mind nature the promise land place, or order- after the order of Melchizedek- Psalm 110

of His Staff– The Shepherds Rod- Pslam 23, by extension the word rod occurs 86 times in 81 verses in the KJV, though at the moment we will focus on one particular verse Exodus 7:9- in this function the Rod is the chief or boss, of a company lawfully under the orders of the Almighty on earth to men especially a pharaoh, or King or head of state a president. The Almighty God Ras Tafari is the Shepherd of this Rod .

-by extension of the oncoming generation the LOJ- Lion of Judah Society nation-


The message of the Almighty to ALL


On the coronation day, the representatives of great nations came to

Addis Abeba to honor and to bow before the King of Kings:

and the young queen

Holy Ethiopia- The New Jerusalem Emperor Haile Selassie. Entering Whitehall from Parliament Square on the Buckingham Palace.  London, England- Queen Elizabeth II of England rides in an open carriage with H.I.M.


H.R.H. the Duke of Gloucester, envoy of England
H.R.H. the Prince of Udine, envoy of Italy
H.E. M. Gérad, envoy of Belgium
H.E Baron H.K.C. Bildt, envoy of Sweden
H.E. Jonkheer van Haersma de With, envoy of the Netherlands
H.E. M. Isabuto Yoshida, envoy of Japan
H.E. Muhammad Tawfiq Nasim Pasha, envoy of Egypt
H.E. Marshal Franchet d‟Esperey, envoy of France
H.E. Mr. H.M. Jacoby, envoy of the USA
H.E. Baron von Waldthausen, envoy of Germany
H.E. Muhittin Pasha, envoy of Turkey
H.E. Count Dzieduszycki, envoy of Poland


The States which honored the King of Kings during His visits:

Grand Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honor (France)
Grand Cross Order of the Peruvian Sun (Peru)
The Order of the Golden Lion (Luxembourg)
Order of Merit of the Italian Republic (Italy)
Field Marshal (Hon) of the British Army
The Order of the Hashemites (Iraq)
Grand Collar of Carlos III (Spain)
The Order of Seraphines (Sweden)
The Order of the Savior (Greece)
The Order of Leopold (Belgium)
The Order of Suvorov (USSR)
The Order of St. Olaf (Norway)
The Order of the Star (Yugoslavia)
The Order of the Aztec Eagle (Mexico)
The Order of Sanbastian Guillaime (Brazil)
The Order of the Republic 1st Class (Sudan)
Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum (Japan)
The Order of the Lion of the Netherlands (Holland)
1st Class Military Order of the White Lion (Czechoslovakia)
The Order of Military Merit (Federal Republic of Germany)
Ribbon of the Grand Cross of the Order of Christ (Portugal)


ROMANS 13:1- Let every soul be subject to the higher(G5242) powers.  For there is no power but of Ha-Elohim.  The powers that be are ordained of Ha-Elohim.

ὑπερέχω hyperéchō, hoop-er-ekh’-o; from G5228 and G2192; to hold oneself above, i.e. (figuratively) to excel; participle (as adjective, or neuter as noun) superior, SUPERIORITY—better, excellency, higher, pass, supreme.


  1. to have or hold over one

  2. to stand out, rise above, overtop

    1. to be above, be superior in rank, authority, power

      1. the prominent men, rulers

    2. to excel, to be superior, better than, to surpass

Authorized Version (KJV) Translation Count — Total: 5

AV — higher 1, better 1, excellency 1, pass 1, supreme 1

Strong’s Definition (Help) (Legend)

ὑπερέχω hyperéchō, hoop-er-ekh’-o; from G5228 and G2192; to hold oneself above, i.e. (figuratively) to excel; participle (as adjective, or neuter as noun) superior, superiority:—better, excellency, higher, pass, supreme.



KJV- Strong’s G5021 – tassō

  1. to put in order, to station

    1. to place in a certain order, to arrange, to assign a place, to appoint
      1. to assign (appoint) a thing to one
    2. to appoint, ordain, order
      1. to appoint on one’s own responsibility or authority
      2. to appoint mutually, i.e. agree upon

Haile Selassie U

….In the field of education, We take great pleasure
in the fact that the opening of Ethiopia’s first
University is near at hand. Henceforth, students
who have demonstrated their capacity and ability
will no longer leave their homeland to pursue higher
education. The University’s faculty is being recruited
Ourself have presented Our Guennete Leul Palace
and its grounds, inherited from Our beloved father,
as a free gift to the nation, to serve as the nucleus
of the University’s physical facilities, and a formal
ceremony for the handing over of the Palace will
be held in the near future …..

(Selected-Speeches-of-Haile-Selassie-I. PG.1 CH.1 PT.1- HIGHER EDUCATION-LOJSociety-Published-Books.pdf)




  1. supreme power or authority.

    “how can we hope to wrest sovereignty away from the oligarchy and back to the people?”
    synonyms: jurisdictionrulesupremacydominionpowerascendancy, suzerainty, hegemonydominationauthoritycontrolinfluence

    “their sovereignty over the islands”
    • the authority of a state to govern itself or another state.
      “national sovereignty”
      synonyms: autonomyindependenceself-governmentself-rulehome ruleself-determinationfreedom

      “the colony demanded full sovereignty”
    • a self-governing state.
      plural noun: sovereignties




Especially by the Black people of the World!

Before a person or a people can become sovereign or gain freedom, they must first understand the order of the Almighty JAH RASTAFARI,this is a spiritual cause of faith though as the Word of JAH tells us if Black people are the Jews also by extension our Brown, Red, and Yellow cousins comprising a natural sense of a mixed multitude committed to Christ seemingly, and not to get deep into ethnic and racial degrees, though let us stay within the reasonable boundaries of the context, WE THE BLACK PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, OR WE THE BLACK AND BROWN JEWS THE NATURAL CHILDREN OF CHRIST.

This in itself is a major responsibility for the race on a major level, to understand the cylcle of time concerning the Ha-Elohim, and the Ethiopian Hebrew calendar, concerning the proper statutes and traditions of the Bible, this which is the law or our first mother, in which we keep, by following the instructions of our Father who also is Christ even the first, sparing we the Black people of the world, the plagues and continued cycles of curses as it is wriiten in Deuteronomy 28:15-68, it is important that we keep the feast of the Pass Over, it is important that we keep the covenant of the Almighty God.

As we grow in the true knowledge of God or really Ha-Elohim, we begin to understand the structure of His spirit in the guidance of His time, the earth layed out for the foot of a man and does not at all suffer him to wonder harmfully inside on her appearance, but is in plain view, so let us overcome wars inside against life or the Yod-Hyah the strenght of our lives the YAHWEH, and His many great Revelations.



Understanding The Sovereign Order of CHRIST The 1st

In order  for a people to understand sovereignty, we must first understand order, and from the beginning the Almighty establishes His own fraternal order for the universe, also we are able to see a sign of it in the UDHR or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  http://www.lojsociety.org/Universal_Declaration_of_Human_Rights_English.pdf

 Article 28
Everyone is entitled to a social and international
ORDER in which the rights and freedoms set forth
in this Declaration can be fully realized.



The Emperor,
addressing the nation on the 24th Anniversary of Ethiopia’s
victory over aggression, said:

His primary motivation – that of raising the standard of
living of the Ethiopian people and restoring the ancient stature
and glory of his nation – runs through the theme of the majority
of his public utterances. In them can be clearly seen the inseparable
impulse of his whole career. This dedication was amply
exposed as he spoke to his people and the world in the speeches
contained in this book. Although an ardent reformer, Emperor
Haile Selassie is no iconoclast. Thus, he has advanced the policy
of “modern Ethiopianism” a philosophy which he has put into
practice from the earliest years of his public career. The Emperor,
addressing the nation on the 24th Anniversary of Ethiopia’s
victory over aggression, said:

“Ethiopia is an ancient land and her civilization is the result of the harmonious alchemy of the
past and the present and upon which we confidently build for the
future. This heritage is the bed-rock of modern Ethiopia. In it
the people have chosen to distil from the past that which is useful
and enduring, to adapt those worth-while attributes of our present-day
world and to fashion this modern Ethiopianism – the
foundation of our social ORDER that has served so admirably the
purpose of the nation’s steady advance.”




-in the KJV 39 times in 37 verses-

And Beruku notes: (BN)

( Personal notes that give the details of missing or quieted revelations of informations and  unknown results of systematic regulations and orders, and pray to overcome the bad spell of Hosea 4:6 .  Understanding law as established by the Almighty God is extremely important, for from HIM we are able to have a  good understanding on the laws which govern human life as well as how these laws work with the statutes and commands given through the hearing of the word of the Almighty HaElohim.)


(Inspired by Rastafari Tv)

In order for a real human to be sovereign they must be rooted in the foundations of the true and living God(Ha Elohim)


Intro Word

Word, sound. Power, is the stronghold of education and the invoking of any great Rabbi, also not all rabbi are the Rebbi or the great Rebboni, the author is there of all light needs not give an explanation to himself at all times, and neither is this done with Christ.  It is surely known among the gods(Elohims of HaElohim) that most great revelations and mysteries of Christendom are delivered through the word in faith to the ears and the eyes(I) of he who hears and is willing to study the parabolic riddles.



Royal Amharic-Al (ኣለ )  To Say- Hebrew-Amar (אָמַר)

Yahweh speaks in sayings (riddles as so-called by English speakers) whether these sayings are gathered through the prophets or Christ Himself, or they as in the trinity which being one, the word of the Yahweh is lawful.

-Here is an example of how Beruku Notes are used within reading the original definition or information of the context of the author or informer and also giving credit where it is do-

-From the Black’s Law dictionary- Ab

(BN: Abba in Hebrew is Father- for the elect of God this would be, He who is known as the Father Christ Qedamawi Haile Selassie, Amen.)

-From Black’s Law dictionary- Ab- The eleventh month of the Jewish civil year, and the fifth of the sacred year it answers to the moon that begins in July,

(Beruku note: July 23rd Earth date or Birth date of Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael, or HaElohim God the Father on earth.)

-and consists of 30 days.  On the 24th is observed a feast in memory of the abolishment of the Sadducean Law-

(BN: or even slavery?)

-which requires sons and daughters to be equal heirs and heiresses of their parents estates.



Now the first definition in the definition in the Black’s Law dictionary is on the letter A.

 ” A- The first letter in the English dictionary and most other alphabets derived from the Roman or Latin alphabet, which was one of several ancient Italian alphabets derived from the Greek, which was an  adaption of the Phoenician. The first letter in the Phoenician alphabet was called aleph, meaning “ox”, which is also the meaning of the first letter in the Greek alphabet, alpha.  Alpha and the second letter in the Greek alphabet, beta, were combined to form “alphabet,” which is largely the same in different language.  …etc    -def of A- -Black’s Law- -1st paragraph.-


The Ancient Ethiopian Hebraic Aleph Bet

Language: This is Ethiopia’s main language, Semitic. Semitic is related to Hebrew and Arabic which is why it has some of the same letter and names of the letters. People have been using Semitic for thousands of years.
 (Give thanks for this the information from where INI recieved

(From Ancient Hebrew.org site/ Ancient Hebrew research center/ Ancient Hebrew Alphabet)

The Modern name for this letter is aleph and corresponds to the Greek name alpha and the Arabic name aleph. The various meanings of this root are oxen, yoke and learn. Each of these meanings is related to the meanings of the pictograph . The root (אלף) is an adopted root from the parent root אל (El), written as in the original script, meaning, strength, power and chief and is the probable original name of the pictograph .

(Notice the similarities from the Ethiopic original, the Hebrew, Greek and Phoenician )

Now from here let us trace some word particles of indigenous Holy Ethiopian Hebrew origin , after all as it is said,a Aren’t you as the children of the Ethiopians to me Oh! Israel (Amos 9:7)

Rev 1:8 -I G1473 am G1510 Alpha G1 and G2532 Omega, G5598 the beginning G746 and G2532 the ending, G5056 saith G3004 the Lord, G2962 which G3588 is, G5607 and G2532 which G3588 was, G2258and G2532 which G3588 is to come, G2064 G3801 the Almighty. G3841

Rev 21:6 -And G2532 he said G2036 unto me, G3427 It is done. G1096 I G1473am G1510 Alpha G1 and G2532 Omega, G5598 the beginning G746and G2532 the end. G5056 I G1473 will give G1325 unto him that is athirst G1372 of G1537 the fountain G4077 of the water G5204 of life G2222 freely. G1432



Original LAW

Though in Black’s Law they begin with taking root in the Greek, though it is a contradiction when concerning Torah law, or God given law, or what some may refer to as the Biblical Law, and sense law traces itself back to the Almighty God, then mischief whether purposely of or by ignorance of the law(Torah) still is not lawful and all things belonging to the Almighty HaElohim are proclaimed of Him from the beginnings.  It is affirmed that Israel is of the children of the Ethiopians and not the Greeks(caananites).

They(the Greeks) like all the descendants of Noah are descendant from the beginnings with Ethiopia,(Gen 2:13), Biblical account approves itself, though for man to achieve to ascend in higher learning principle and in all things, he must study to show himself approved (2Tim 2:15), for JAH people perish for a lack of knowledge(Hos 4:6)

Concerning lawful purpose- it is fair to conclude among the peoples to whom these laws may be concerned, though some may say this is a derivative of Greek source, this matter is that which the person to whom is willingly subject or made subject even knowledgeable of the source of the law concerning law which is instituted by the Almighty God(HaElohim), the truth which cannot be shaken from its place.  Being that the derivative of law is originated from the Almighty HaElohim the Father of lights.(James 1:17)



-Black Law’s Dictionary- 

Sovereign-A person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; a chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler in a monarchy. See also Clipped sovereignty; Sovereignty.




Without a Just Cause

Trayvon Martin and Marquise Jones two growing young Black males two generations of future seeds wiped out.  Neither are the typical American media loving stories of so-called Black on Black crime, but instead involve some from of corrupt city law enforcement tactics to cover up murder.

What Is The Truth

The truth is that Trayvon Martin and Marquise Jones are just two examples of many innocent murders gone unpunished of a people in which some even refer to as the default race, though know matter what race a crime is done to it is still a crime.  I thank Jah Almighty in and through Iyeus Kristos (translated in English Jesus Christ) and the Qedamawi Haile Selassie Jah Rastafari The King of Kings (Rev 5:5)  for being able to breathe again another day, though many claim they love the Lord and are liars and are not earnestly truthful in his word as they falsely proclaim, and so those of us who are have a message to our people the Ethiopians all over the world at home and abroad.  What are you going to do my people now that it is time to stand up and defend our childrens lives against the devil!

Please let us come together for the sake of righteousness, for the sake of the lives our children RASTAFARI


R.I.P.  MARQUISE JONES May YAHWEH bless your soul in and through Our Black Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and The Qedamawi Haile Selassie we pray JAH JAH Beruku will deliver Justice for your Soul We love you and Amen!!!!!!!

Are Black People Really The Default Race Especially For A Easy Getaway With and Go Murder ?

Whether this is true or not, the fact still remains that statistically Blacks are more likely to get no justice when a crime or an offence is committed against them without any just cause.  Also there are two things that both these young brothers share in common, they were both running from their killers, they both were attacked.

Now most of us know Trayvon Martin story, but if you don’t know…  Marquis Jones was shot at 7 times and hit twice, once in the back of the leg and once in the back of the head falling to his death chest first, the earth tasted his blood as his soul went up in a cry for justice.  Marquis was shot by an off duty police officer working as security at a restraunt called chachos on the north eastside of San Antonio, Tx on an early Friday Morning between the hours of 1-2 a.m., yes guned down, shot running back turned, innocent and not a threat to anyone, may Jah rest his soul.



There comes a time when the oppressed can no longer live in a Kings dream, but in order to become free they must praise their real King of Kings, there comes a time when the people can no longer wait on slick head spokesman and weak ass peace talks that we all know will get us know where, but there comes a time where you must be willing to stand up and fight for what is right.






Rastafari Business/Economics



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Rudolph Windsor



Rastafari business/opportunity economics

If you are so-called Black or come from this people, have brown shade of color or type sort of facial features and characteristics by whatever cultural type of name you may like to call your self in the many different ways there are to say you a nigga!  (IMLH)( Im laughing hard).  Yes of course you we all true human beings in this world are much more than this.

They say knowledge is power, so a person without knowledge is then powerless, therefore I will assert that if you are a so-called Black person(I say Ethiopian) and you don’t know who One such as the man by the name of Rudolph Windsor and mainly his 5 books his good works or you are not teaching this to your children or you dont care or try, then do the rest of us in your race a favor and a….. (somn u dont want to here!) because Rudolph R. Windsor and the good list of Rastafari Memorials were the fore runners of our(so-call Blacks or whatever) rights, history, health, lives, work, jobs, business and Entrepreneurship opportunities.


The Importants of Economics and business/busy-ness

In this book there is a section which I will disclose later in which Mr. Windsor goes over how non-black owned businesses plague the black community becoming one of the main reason for black-unemployment, now I would IN YAHWEH that I could help the whole world, but before I could even attempt I must at least help my own people first, for if  I can not help myself how can I help another with the same problem, we must learn to help each other fast people we are at the end of the rope.

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters we would like to welcome you all to Rastafari South Business, We The I of Rastafari south present I-selves by this Matt 12:42

For the Triune Gods children shall rise

For they shall rise in every way

One should not use the term brothers and sisters loosely, Rastafari take very serious word sound and power especially when calling someone INI brother(Wendim-Achy) or Sister(ItI-Achowty)  from the Hebrew to Amharic brothers and sisters we must always remember that education is the key Hos 4:6.

The War of Spiritual Business

Though many claim to be or probably are aware only some acknowledge the war of spiritual business, you see in order for any human being to conduct themselves as a sovereign in a predatory unforgiving business world, the heart and mind of the individual must be founded on a good solid order, or if not then that sheep becomes a victim to the wolves that relentlessly conspire around it.

The People’s economics

How do we function in the economic area of the world as an entire people ?  Not very well but Why ?  Because we are not able to provide jobs for our people the reason why the crime rate in our communities are so high, and so again this subject matter brings the Ayin(us) back again to the Kidus(righteous) Rudolph R. Windsor and the book in particular which I pray that we all get a chance to study especially the so-called Black and mix breed peoples of the world.

Brothers and sisters always remember The Valley of Dry Bones Ezekiel 37:4

In the Introduction of this book Mr. Windsor deals with the economic problems amongst his people first mainly in America but of course there is the recognition of the problems that we face from a universal perspective a people dead in unity for the right causes and the true nation that they are, but instead have become strangers with inside themselves to the point were we murder eachother almost as much as our own enemies do, who are first enemies of  God(JAH)(YAH) then second enemies of humanity.

Have an Economic Vision

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Let Us Not Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

One should do there best not to spend to much money in places that do not benefit you or your peoples well being but rather puts income back in the pocket of the private businesses or self made stingy agency or corporation which gets wealthy and benefits off of you bearly making it, another reason we thank Mr. Windsor for pointing out this problem in Black communities showing how the entire community is destroyed because the people themselves own no businesses of their own but rather become vulnerable to the different ethnicities around them which consider them to be an inferior people, therefore end up running to them for a job or help and truth is they hate your black skin!!  It would be wiser to spend more money in your own businesses than to spend little here a little there at a store that is owned by people who care nothing more or as much as they do love keeping you down.

Also there should be much focus on Mr. Windsors book The Valley of Dry Bones in the section titled the lack of black business results in the destruction of the black community(its a must read, see or here for the people)

The modern day Business world

The business world of the world today does not have a good reputation but is rather more known for being cut-throat using conniving tricks, hidden doctrines within their guidelines in order to get you to sign on, then people are charged outrageous prices unknowingly deceived by fine print or some schemed loophole doctrine.

So now I will properly disclose a non-deceiving good and legit business system in which I will show you how to obtain success in a growing Network of sovereign business men/women world wide and we accomplish it in Unity working together.

Success and Business

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Blacks All Over The World To Africa/ Rastafari Repatriation


This photo is by: Godfrey Byaruhangal/Amnesty International

Title: UN Documents Human Rights Abuses in Central African Republic


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The Peoples Own Government

Blessing to all in the name of the Father son and the Holy Spirit, this is a subject matter that can be difficult but yet it should not be, the spirit of the people must wake up, do not let your land go to waste, do not let your people die, we all share an obligation to the Mother land the Fathers Land.

No matter how difficult things may seem, the one true God(Elohim) will give us strength to overcome, be strong my people the Father holds His children(Lidj-sim to Lond Lad-child) in His Hand, the only thing that is stopping us is a lack of education (Hos 4:6) this leaves room for the enemy to come in to make us divide amongst our selves.

A physically enslaved people must be physically also likewise a mentally enslaved people must be freed mentally or else the spirit remains captive.

9 things that any government must have in a righteous order to function beneficially for its country

1. Economics

2. Education

3. Entertainment

4. Labor

5. Law

6. politics

7. Religion/Spirituality

8. Sex

9. war


Following on, also important things that make up a nation are its people, the cultures, tribes, sects, or groups within the nation, Africans, Christans, Religion.  Though there may be separatism by way of religion(Interesting the word separate is right before Sephardim) it is assured that truthfully all true Christ-Ians share the same struggle but certainly not according to the same knowledge, for if you search a person by their religion it will lead you to the physical religious rituals that they do that they believe or perceive to be true.

The true Holy Spirit does not separate it yields truth in strength by which in that it unifies, has the power and does not control the free will of the person but rather lets the human choose.

Momma Africa

(in the words Sizzla Kalonji)

“I Love You Africa”

The spirit of Christ is the power(Hayle) and salvation(Yesua) the yielding of certain righteous in unexpected places amongst unexpected people which is the power of the spirit at hand the unstoppable force the true New World Order(Rastafari) setting all men free at wise together growing successful and prosperous.

In The Words of Birhane Selassie(Bob Nesta Marley)


The Jah Spirit of Dr. Melaku E. Bayen


Dr. Melaku Bayen and Sister wife Dorthy Hadley

May his and her soul rest with Abba

Pray Yahweh bless the spirit and soul of our truly good christen brother Dr. Melaku E. Bayen In the name of Iyesos Kristos Qedamawi Haile Selassie in and through INI the whole Rastafari true good faithful christens all over the world, we(INI) take this moment honour(INOR) our beloved saints our(INI) martyrd beloved messengers and soldiers of the Almighty true one good God(Ahadu Amlak).

There were those who believe not,

there were those who believe and did not

There were those who fought the good fight in faith

We as growing children of Elohim(God)

As we regenerate through time in order to know where you are going you must know where you come from, we(INI) find very great(Telaq-means great Amharic) importance in the spiritual as well as physical mission in Rastafari by Dr. Melaku Bayen.  There is a quote I would like to mention from the Wiki ” The return would be under auspices of the E.W.F. founded in 1937 by the Emperors special emissary to Black America”, this quote is referring to INI faithful brother Dr. Melaku E. Bayen.

In this was the official letter confirming the “land grant” of 1948 submitted to the E.W.F. 1955,


IN Reference to the Shashemene ” Land Grant ” of 1948

INI bless up, heal up INI wendimotch(brothers) for  this gracious cover from Roots and culture – Rastafari Magazine

Dr. Melaku E. Bayen Memorial

In and by the Authority upon acceptance of the Dignity of the Ethiopian realm 1909 or the Imperial dignity we(INI) feel that our people in the true story who have pave the way are not all properly credited the way that they should be especially according to the mundane world, so as the children of the one true good God we feel it is our duty to take it upon ourselves to archive our(INI) martyrd  saints, messengers and soldiers of the one true good God.


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P3050018     imagesCAI0FC7W

THE 2 SONS(Messiahs)

                                 IYESUS KRSTOS                                      LIDJ TAFARI                                           QEDAMAWI HAILE SELASSIE

We pray that you are still with us in this part of the Tabot series we(INI) would like to thank you all in the name of are Saviors Iyesus Kristos and the Qedamawi Haile Selassie Baruchu Bless for taking your time to read over this vital(Ital) information, for it is the key to the survival, revival and reparations of humanity in a whole.

For all humanity evolved from the people by which the world knows racially as Blacks(Ethiopians) and the world is currently in an end time crisis state, and for those of us who have faith in the Almighty creator it is very important that we overstand His word which He has given us to overcome all evil.

Now if you would please open your B.I.B.L.E to Deut 28. and if you were with us in the N-Word is sunshine pt 1. then you would recall that we left off on the blessings and the curses of the Hebrew-Israelites-Ethiopians-Black peoples of the world.

Ethiopia Agr  imagesCAYOLOU1  imagesCAXZ0PJF

Blessings & Curses

Let us(Le’Ule ‘Ethya’ I’Us) diligently pay attention to the words in the first verse Deut 28:1-וְהָיָה אִם־שָׁמֹועַ תִּשְׁמַע

– WIHyah Im-Shammua ToShema- In the Hebrew this means The I-Am mothers-renowned Hearing and Obedience of this word of the Almighty that thou shalt be set above High of all nations as His people in His land, which we also combine with the Royal Amharic within the Book of the 7 seals of H.I.M. in this verse is the word ብትሰማ-BitiSema To diligently hear/obey of the house of hearing and obeying as a family as a nation the house of Bethlehem. Note: ( similarity’s in the Hebrew ToShema to Amharic BiTiSema) .

Deut 28:1 አሕዛብ ሁሉ ላይ ከፍ ከፍ ያደርግሃል።- AHizAb Hulluw Ly KefI KefI YAH’dergiHALE The I(Ayin-Eye) nation/people All Above/or from above Highly Highly Yah established Powers/and even shining from the -Hebrew

In this verse it is clear that these are not just the LORDs people but a nation established and commanded, therefore it is the duty of Ethiopians all over the world to assist in their own God given government and to put down or dismiss any man made government especially of their own country.

In the second verse of Deut 28 the YAHWEH says that these Blessings shall over come thee if thou shalt hearken to the voice of MeYAhYAH-IYAH IgizeAbHir Elohe-IsroiEl Jah Rastafari, following in verse 3 saying thou shalt be blessed in the city, in Hebrew it is H5782-city, the word Iyr, the word in the Royal Amharic is ከተማ- KeteMa, also blessed shalt thou be in the field continuing


(there are actually 33 if you let the Holy Spirit guide you through verse 1-2)

Deut 28:1-14

1.city 2.feild 3.The fruit of thy body 4.The fruit of thy ground 5.The fruit of thy cattle 6.The increase of thy kine 7. The flocks of thy sheep 8.Blessed shall be thy basket 9.and thy store 10.when you come in 11.when you go out 12.your enemies smitten before thy face 13.(The I)your enemies come against thee even once they flee Seven. 14.Yahweh shall command blessings on you in your store houses. 15.All that thy set thy hand to do 16.Blessings in the land he giveth thee 17.Establish I as Holy people to Himself. 18. They shall see that thou art called by the name of The Yahweh(Rastafari) 19.They shall be afraid of you

20.The Yahweh shall make thee plenteous in goods(produce) 21.Plenteous in the fruit of thy body 22.Plenteous in the fruit of thy cattle 22.Plenteous in the fruit of thy ground 23.Plenteous in the land which He sware to thy Fathers. 24.The Yahweh shall open to you his good treasure 25.The rain in due season 26. To bless all the work of thy hand 27.Thou shalt lend to many nations and not borrow. 28.He shall make thee the Head(Ras)Hebrew(Rosh) and not the tail 29.thou shall be above only and not beneath.

imagesCAPXODOF  Special  Ethiopian Church


(we want to note a blessing and a special thanks in Our(INI) Black Ethiopian Lord and savior Iyesus Kristos and The Qedamawi Haile Selassie for all the pictures that we have used so far in any of the Tabot series, for credit should certainly be given where it is do, and we pray that you forgive us if you feel we have used any pictures irresponsibly or not according to the message on which it was intended to serve, BUT FOR OUR PART WE GLORY IN THE BIBLE, thank you very much for your works in ABBA QIDDUS- The Father of Righteousness Qedamawi Haile Selassie- Jah Rastafari )

The connection of the inner true faith of the Ethiopian Tewahedo faith and the great spiritual connection with the E.W.F. for the Ancients, the on-coming generation, Ethiopians at home, abroad, all over the world and the faithful gentile as Tewahedo in it’s fullness are made Rastafari.

First and foremost why is the Ethiopian World Federation so important?  Because H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Selassie “empowered His special physician Dr. Melaku E. Bayen to establish the Ethiopian world federation” as it is stated on the History of the E.W.F. page from the E.W.F. website-.

INI as loving brothers and sisters in Christ send a message to all the many mansions of His house RASTAFARI, for the sake of the restoration of the Ethiopian monarchy of H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Selassie http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&ved=0CD4QFjAC&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.africaspeaks.com%2Freasoning%2Findex.php%3Ftopic%3D7828.0&ei=YuOQUoz8Jou-2AW7kYHQBg&usg=AFQjCNGJ2qW62GMgRlN-on0eIxzcHsiT9A&sig2=r0UJGsZGt3JFry6RzoVlqw

It is important that we put away house to house tribal strife between brothers/sisters, as it is said on the Melek Media House blogg page at the bottom of the article titled “Homosexuals and Rastafari an open reasoning” is listed there a list of 7 things JAH hates, the one that I speak on here is the one that says he hates one or ones who sow discord between breadrin(Bread-Re-Iyin-Bale-Injera- Bread Brothers-Brothers in the word-visions of Yahweh-in His word which is bread).


haile_selassie_world_tour_ethiopia_onthe_march  imagesCA9I200B imagesCASEOSST

 AHizAb Hulluw Ly KefI KefI YAH’dergiHALE

The (I) people All from Above Highly Highly  JAH-Established-Deut 28:1

Again we point these facts out coming from the Hebrew to the Higher wisdom of the pure languge of the Royal Amharic and by H.I.M. empowering His healing angel Dr. Melaku E. Bayen to ” establish the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated- meaning combines us as an association to a single whole.  From the preamble we(INI) quote key terms

1.We the Black people of the world

2.IN True Order

3.To effect Unity(Unite)

4.Solidarity( agreement in strength and heart, HAYLE)



7.Self determination

8.To Secure Justice(for Ethiopia) (for the world)

9.Maintain the integrity(of Ethiopia)

10.Ethiopia Our Divine Heritage



13. Constitutionalized of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated.

This Organization came into being on August 25, 1937, in Newyork City.

 And this is also why counterfit christian babylonian preist businessman do not want to tell the lost sheep/or Black people of the world who they really are from a proper biblical interpretation.

As it is stated on the history page of the E.W.F. constitution ” As a result of the support Ethiopia received from Black people in the west during the Italian invasion 1935-1941, The Emperor granted 5 gashas of land in shashamane, Ethiopia, to the E.W.F. Inc. for Ethiopian people in the diaspora who desired to return to the motherland.”

Therefore there should be no tribal strife amongst INI as brothers and sisters, also overstanding that different breadren and sistren from different mansions have contributed to the benefit of the Restoration of The Ethiopian monarchy of H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Selassie which is also the E.W.F. so we should be able to agree as one RASTAFARI.

Melaku                                                              imagesCAOVCY96

           Dr. Melaku E. Bayen                                                                                         Marcus Mosiah Garvey

There is some controversy between some unlearned ones of the tribes Benyamin and Judah as well as throughout all 13 tribes, regarding certain tribal matters that should have already been resolved in Iyesus Kristos and the Qedamawi Haile Selassie, but due to some unknowing of all truth, as well as things put in to place by the father make emotional decisions based on a personal idol bias of certain prophets of whom/or which they have been brought up and raised to love without overstanding the errors that this one has made, and here we speak of Marcus Garvey.

INI take no credit away from Marcus Garvey even though he was said to have given a bad report of H.I.M. and spread a message of dout of the King of Kings, also while on the other hand H.I.M.s personal physician Dr. Melaku E. Bayen had also exsposed Marcus Garveys anti-ethiopianism.

Though many ones are just now becoming more familiar with Marcus Garveys error it still should not take away from the good that he did do, but INI as Ethiopian-Hebrew-Rastafarians all over the world it is very important to overstand the things that have really taken place in our history, also the importance of the E.W.F., and that Melaku E. Bayen was also sent my H.I.M. after Marcus Garvey had already slander His name.

To Be Continued-