The Current State of Black Jews In America 2021

This article will hopefully be brought to the attention of those seeking true spiritual national, state local law and all forms of true universal justice, for those in the world who suffer at the hands of any systematic oppression or rightfully said down pressing from the government said to be governing over them at the same time crippling their lives in poverty bad health and wicked political policies being made, playing the false pretenses of liberty though truly meaning deceit in order to push on them another agenda in continuance to under mind the rules and laws of the Almighty God and truly inflict pain and suffering on that people….. For whatever gain.

How to Identify The Problem

To inquiring minds or the reader a very important question concerning the Black Jews also the Black communities in America…. Does the current regime in charge in America and also in the world presence hate the concept that Black people are truly the original Israelites ?

Given an honest opinion the answer would be yes, judging by the purposeful political dis-positioning for success, ignoring and down pressing or as they would say oppressive policies and laws that have been passed down by the current regime on Black peoples, the thought of a people coming out of 400 years of being treated evil, cities and progress burned down to the ground, and in the long haul their social economics in business impoverished. The same people are made subjects, or under false psychological mediated deceptions have subjected themselves to go to the same schools where their education as Black people or Brown people that they truly need is lacking that peoples own cultural and historical values, sending their children up to the same universities teaching them to try to function within a system that still aggressively oppresses their freedoms and true liberation religion, their original universal rights as equalized human beings in the sight of all humanity.

The Bad Results of Years of Racial degradation…I.E. The judgement on a nation

Now in 2021 USA, having the true colors being shown clearly evident, the result of the impoverished Black communities has caused the so called Black American dream to seem to obviously be a nightmare of integrated racial degradation of continual years of misery of always striving and working to get ahead only to end up in the same circle of debt bonds and over due bills. Many Blacks in their quest for a good life of security and peace in the wastelands of American neighborhoods and ghettos, within the depression of their spiritually lacerated hearts day by day witnessing the government perpetrated failure on them and their own people, to fail to obtain a beneficial career that would prosper a family unit to work together in a structure and manner much valuable to the success of themselves and their communities.

The Horrors Continue…

America has failed as a nation to teach Blacks the truth of the Bible for political advantages, evil colonial opportunities that will inevitably end in the final judgement of God Almighty himself, from the days of the volcanic and meteor destruction of Sodom to the great shaking up of Babylon in its last days. Blacks also following certain political parties have also disinherited their very own Hebraic and Israelite identity themselves, fighting against their very own good leaders, their very own true elders and children who try to teach them and tell them the truth by following the white washed lies of Christ himself whether in picture or letter.

Guided by misconception due to racist ideas and wicked political suggestions, robbing the Lords people of their true wealth and education that they are the Israelite peoples of the Bible, that our Lord Adonay Yeshua or so called Jesus Christ truly is a Black man, and that the King of Kings Haile Selassie is the Father Christ in its entirety.

The Secret war against Black Americans and the real freedom Liberators

Now policies that are currently ongoing are harmful and again as was stated disinheriting of Black Americans as Black Jews, this psychological dysfunction has caused those of our own race to be harmfully causative to those proclaiming the name as true Jews and even deeply rooted Rastafari Jews. The message of our true ancestors have gone unheeded, the many of our elders have been lead into a system of confusion claiming to provide the very liberty, republic, or good democracy that it has very well shown to destroy. The hat fits for where it sits, for when a man attains true wisdom he is able to decipher that these political tools can be used as good or detrimentally to their society.

In the USA, wealth is often distributed improperly, the poor are payed low wages over taxed finding their jobs not only hard and miserable, though also their overseers managers and supervisors compromised by scandalous leadership, coldhearted cruelly pushing an agenda that is not only unhealthy to themselves, though also to their fellow co-workers, engineering depressive psychological defects into the human body tirelessly running circles week after week as on a tread or lab rat in some experimental government maze.

The message of our true Kinsmen redeemer and elders ignored

The message of prophets and elders in their efforts to Unite Black People such as the E.W.F.(Ethiopian World Federation), have hardly been sought too and brought into fruition, good and righteous teachers the many to be named and a personal few that I like to mention such Ras Iadonis Tafari of the LOJ(Lion of Judah Society), Dr. Claud Anderson, Boyce Watkins, Pharoah El Atone or (Pharoah said that… on the YT) Brother Ice Cube, just to name a few.


Ice Cube was lied to when he introduced a form of reparations in a rightfully distributed credential service for all Black families in America for the recovering of 400 years sense slavery to the burning down of of the successful economies of Black Wall streets in the whole US and not only Tulsa, in a sort of a loan card. The brother Ice Cube was told that he would be met with a discussion for help to finally get some progress to subside, though to do to some felonious remarks by certain ones, of which of the current leaders were seen eligible to discuss the issue, one of those men was the former president at the time Donald Trump in 2020 and now current president Joe Biden 2021, Though President Trump at the time was said to be willing to discuss the restitution or solution of Ice Cube proposal at that moment, suddenly Ice Cube was blasted by so called pro democratic Blacks and I do mean falsely pro democratic community and was told not to meet with President Trump, then was told that Joe Biden after his election as president would speak to him concerning such a devastatingly important issue as this restitution or reparations plan for Black Americans on Ice Cubes part. And now that Biden is president things have gotten even worst and are going downhill, leaving the filling of being ignored for a bitter welfare of colonial Jim crow policies being reintroduce to further keep Blacks Jews Black American down afflicted and impoverished.

How about that Proposal Cube any justice yet?

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  1. Lidj Yefdi says:

    Glad to see you still going STRONG wendim Beruku!!! (RTR) Ras Tafari Renaissance – Ras Yefdeyah

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