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Rudolph Windsor



Rastafari business/opportunity economics

If you are so-called Black or come from this people, have brown shade of color or type sort of facial features and characteristics by whatever cultural type of name you may like to call your self in the many different ways there are to say you a nigga!  (IMLH)( Im laughing hard).  Yes of course you we all true human beings in this world are much more than this.

They say knowledge is power, so a person without knowledge is then powerless, therefore I will assert that if you are a so-called Black person(I say Ethiopian) and you don’t know who One such as the man by the name of Rudolph Windsor and mainly his 5 books his good works or you are not teaching this to your children or you dont care or try, then do the rest of us in your race a favor and a….. (somn u dont want to here!) because Rudolph R. Windsor and the good list of Rastafari Memorials were the fore runners of our(so-call Blacks or whatever) rights, history, health, lives, work, jobs, business and Entrepreneurship opportunities.


The Importants of Economics and business/busy-ness

In this book there is a section which I will disclose later in which Mr. Windsor goes over how non-black owned businesses plague the black community becoming one of the main reason for black-unemployment, now I would IN YAHWEH that I could help the whole world, but before I could even attempt I must at least help my own people first, for if  I can not help myself how can I help another with the same problem, we must learn to help each other fast people we are at the end of the rope.

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters we would like to welcome you all to Rastafari South Business, We The I of Rastafari south present I-selves by this Matt 12:42

For the Triune Gods children shall rise

For they shall rise in every way

One should not use the term brothers and sisters loosely, Rastafari take very serious word sound and power especially when calling someone INI brother(Wendim-Achy) or Sister(ItI-Achowty)  from the Hebrew to Amharic brothers and sisters we must always remember that education is the key Hos 4:6.

The War of Spiritual Business

Though many claim to be or probably are aware only some acknowledge the war of spiritual business, you see in order for any human being to conduct themselves as a sovereign in a predatory unforgiving business world, the heart and mind of the individual must be founded on a good solid order, or if not then that sheep becomes a victim to the wolves that relentlessly conspire around it.

The People’s economics

How do we function in the economic area of the world as an entire people ?  Not very well but Why ?  Because we are not able to provide jobs for our people the reason why the crime rate in our communities are so high, and so again this subject matter brings the Ayin(us) back again to the Kidus(righteous) Rudolph R. Windsor and the book in particular which I pray that we all get a chance to study especially the so-called Black and mix breed peoples of the world.

Brothers and sisters always remember The Valley of Dry Bones Ezekiel 37:4

In the Introduction of this book Mr. Windsor deals with the economic problems amongst his people first mainly in America but of course there is the recognition of the problems that we face from a universal perspective a people dead in unity for the right causes and the true nation that they are, but instead have become strangers with inside themselves to the point were we murder eachother almost as much as our own enemies do, who are first enemies of  God(JAH)(YAH) then second enemies of humanity.

Have an Economic Vision

Having an economic vision to a Hebrew means Re(Ray)Re’eh the loving vision of your true God, therefore we can include that being learnt in business economics especially in a viscous monetary system are the keys to a businesses survival, business management and getting started in a business are two different things that can be tricky to deal with especially in America, Why?  Because there are a lot of scams for one, also it is optional to go to school for business management which does not provide a career but rather gives tips on how to manage the business itself, the problem is that if you don’t know what your business is going to be before you get out of school your going to have a job problem until you figure out who’s business are you going to manage hence I hope your own.  This is the primary focus of the empower network system which will make you your own boss of your own business so you don’t have to work for someone else.  http://theoceanofwealth.com/20–  http://www.beruku1.org/

Join us become an affiliate be your own boss get paid for distributing one of the best Network systems in the world, the work is already done for you I Beruku will teach you a skill its called PROMOTION.

You really do not need western college  schooling to start a business but of course you may need the income to purchase the investment in order to start, management may vary depending the business in which you may need help or you may not.

Beruku Business blogs 50$ apeace(shalom) email me at Yahwillingac@hotmail.com website coming soon!!

Let Us Not Be Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

One should do there best not to spend to much money in places that do not benefit you or your peoples well being but rather puts income back in the pocket of the private businesses or self made stingy agency or corporation which gets wealthy and benefits off of you bearly making it, another reason we thank Mr. Windsor for pointing out this problem in Black communities showing how the entire community is destroyed because the people themselves own no businesses of their own but rather become vulnerable to the different ethnicities around them which consider them to be an inferior people, therefore end up running to them for a job or help and truth is they hate your black skin!!  It would be wiser to spend more money in your own businesses than to spend little here a little there at a store that is owned by people who care nothing more or as much as they do love keeping you down.

Also there should be much focus on Mr. Windsors book The Valley of Dry Bones in the section titled the lack of black business results in the destruction of the black community(its a must read, see or here for the people)

The modern day Business world

The business world of the world today does not have a good reputation but is rather more known for being cut-throat using conniving tricks, hidden doctrines within their guidelines in order to get you to sign on, then people are charged outrageous prices unknowingly deceived by fine print or some schemed loophole doctrine.

So now I will properly disclose a non-deceiving good and legit business system in which I will show you how to obtain success in a growing Network of sovereign business men/women world wide and we accomplish it in Unity working together.

Success and Business

In order for any successful business to be arranged you must be willing to make an investment first and foremost.   Therefore bothers and sisters we present to you The Ocean Of Wealth on behalf of INI family Tobiyah and Iyahna Tafari for whom we pray for the abundant blessings and Grace of His Imperial Majesty Qedamawi Haile Selassie and the Salvation of Iyesous Kristos our black Lord and Savior.


The  Way the Empower Network Business System works

Two systems which you can work hand and hand to the created destiny of the individual.

1. The Ocean of Wealth- is a instructional guide to promotion, marketing, and one that If it is utilized correctly with ambition and determination that there is no limit to the product distribution , or the ability to quickly increase your income and earnings,

this we call

Empower Network (viral Blogging)- a million dollar network system already built for you for 20$ a month, create your own ideas and you blog about them or become an affiliate for 20$ and promote the empower network viral blogging and receive your commissions after every sale therefore you don’t have to blogg or own your own business its already made for you!

What can Empower Network do for you?

Empower network will allow you to network your blogg as a website out to as many people or sites in this universe that you want, and once again if you don’t want to blogg you can become an affiliate for 20$ a month, take in consideration were talking about you earning 3100$ a month at minimum just putting in 150$ which leaves you with an earned 2,950$ at the end of the month and this is the small plan not to mention the other products that empower network has to offer.

So What did you get out of reading this blogg?

1. you can blogg using one of the best networking systems in the world and receive full commissions

2. Become an affiliate for 20$ a month and just promote the network and receive full commissions

Now in order to receive commission for any products on the empower network system you must first purchase them yourselves which really is only fair to those you are distributing it to such as myself I am already a blogger/affiliate otherwise I wouldn’t be able to explain it to you(DUH!)     http://theoceanofwealth.com/20   ://www.beruku1.org/  http://www.empowernetwork.com/almostasecret?id=Beruku-1


Here are the other products which Empower Network offers

1.Media Hosting

2.Inner Circle,

3.Costa ricca intensive

4. 15k formula

5.Masters Course

6.Viral Blogging Academy

and more…

On Average using the 10by10 system utilizing the viral blogging, affiliate and inner circle you should again at minimum be looking at roughly 3100$ a month with a fee of  150$ a month putting you at about 2950$ and this is using only those three, so this is a multi-advanced money making system that can work for you if  empower network is utilized correctly, no fine print, no tricks, no schemes what is offered you here is what you are receiving so if you need a job and consider working from your phone or labtop then please join us today lets make money together!!!

Shalom Rastafari!!!!

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