Blacks All Over The World To Africa/ Rastafari Repatriation


This photo is by: Godfrey Byaruhangal/Amnesty International

Title: UN Documents Human Rights Abuses in Central African Republic

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The Peoples Own Government

Blessing to all in the name of the Father son and the Holy Spirit, this is a subject matter that can be difficult but yet it should not be, the spirit of the people must wake up, do not let your land go to waste, do not let your people die, we all share an obligation to the Mother land the Fathers Land.

No matter how difficult things may seem, the one true God(Elohim) will give us strength to overcome, be strong my people the Father holds His children(Lidj-sim to Lond Lad-child) in His Hand, the only thing that is stopping us is a lack of education (Hos 4:6) this leaves room for the enemy to come in to make us divide amongst our selves.

A physically enslaved people must be physically also likewise a mentally enslaved people must be freed mentally or else the spirit remains captive.

9 things that any government must have in a righteous order to function beneficially for its country

1. Economics

2. Education

3. Entertainment

4. Labor

5. Law

6. politics

7. Religion/Spirituality

8. Sex

9. war


Following on, also important things that make up a nation are its people, the cultures, tribes, sects, or groups within the nation, Africans, Christans, Religion.  Though there may be separatism by way of religion(Interesting the word separate is right before Sephardim) it is assured that truthfully all true Christ-Ians share the same struggle but certainly not according to the same knowledge, for if you search a person by their religion it will lead you to the physical religious rituals that they do that they believe or perceive to be true.

The true Holy Spirit does not separate it yields truth in strength by which in that it unifies, has the power and does not control the free will of the person but rather lets the human choose.

Momma Africa

(in the words Sizzla Kalonji)

“I Love You Africa”

The spirit of Christ is the power(Hayle) and salvation(Yesua) the yielding of certain righteous in unexpected places amongst unexpected people which is the power of the spirit at hand the unstoppable force the true New World Order(Rastafari) setting all men free at wise together growing successful and prosperous.

In The Words of Birhane Selassie(Bob Nesta Marley)


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