The Jah Spirit of Dr. Melaku E. Bayen


Dr. Melaku Bayen and Sister wife Dorthy Hadley

May his and her soul rest with Abba

Pray Yahweh bless the spirit and soul of our truly good christen brother Dr. Melaku E. Bayen In the name of Iyesos Kristos Qedamawi Haile Selassie in and through INI the whole Rastafari true good faithful christens all over the world, we(INI) take this moment honour(INOR) our beloved saints our(INI) martyrd beloved messengers and soldiers of the Almighty true one good God(Ahadu Amlak).

There were those who believe not,

there were those who believe and did not

There were those who fought the good fight in faith

We as growing children of Elohim(God)

As we regenerate through time in order to know where you are going you must know where you come from, we(INI) find very great(Telaq-means great Amharic) importance in the spiritual as well as physical mission in Rastafari by Dr. Melaku Bayen.  There is a quote I would like to mention from the Wiki ” The return would be under auspices of the E.W.F. founded in 1937 by the Emperors special emissary to Black America”, this quote is referring to INI faithful brother Dr. Melaku E. Bayen.

In this was the official letter confirming the “land grant” of 1948 submitted to the E.W.F. 1955,


IN Reference to the Shashemene ” Land Grant ” of 1948

INI bless up, heal up INI wendimotch(brothers) for  this gracious cover from Roots and culture – Rastafari Magazine

Dr. Melaku E. Bayen Memorial

In and by the Authority upon acceptance of the Dignity of the Ethiopian realm 1909 or the Imperial dignity we(INI) feel that our people in the true story who have pave the way are not all properly credited the way that they should be especially according to the mundane world, so as the children of the one true good God we feel it is our duty to take it upon ourselves to archive our(INI) martyrd  saints, messengers and soldiers of the one true good God.

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