-in the KJV 39 times in 37 verses-

And Beruku notes: (BN)

( Personal notes that give the details of missing or quieted revelations of informations and  unknown results of systematic regulations and orders, and pray to overcome the bad spell of Hosea 4:6 .  Understanding law as established by the Almighty God is extremely important, for from HIM we are able to have a  good understanding on the laws which govern human life as well as how these laws work with the statutes and commands given through the hearing of the word of the Almighty HaElohim.)


(Inspired by Rastafari Tv)

In order for a real human to be sovereign they must be rooted in the foundations of the true and living God(Ha Elohim)


Intro Word

Word, sound. Power, is the stronghold of education and the invoking of any great Rabbi, also not all rabbi are the Rebbi or the great Rebboni, the author is there of all light needs not give an explanation to himself at all times, and neither is this done with Christ.  It is surely known among the gods(Elohims of HaElohim) that most great revelations and mysteries of Christendom are delivered through the word in faith to the ears and the eyes(I) of he who hears and is willing to study the parabolic riddles.



Royal Amharic-Al (ኣለ )  To Say- Hebrew-Amar (אָמַר)

Yahweh speaks in sayings (riddles as so-called by English speakers) whether these sayings are gathered through the prophets or Christ Himself, or they as in the trinity which being one, the word of the Yahweh is lawful.

-Here is an example of how Beruku Notes are used within reading the original definition or information of the context of the author or informer and also giving credit where it is do-

-From the Black’s Law dictionary- Ab

(BN: Abba in Hebrew is Father- for the elect of God this would be, He who is known as the Father Christ Qedamawi Haile Selassie, Amen.)

-From Black’s Law dictionary- Ab- The eleventh month of the Jewish civil year, and the fifth of the sacred year it answers to the moon that begins in July,

(Beruku note: July 23rd Earth date or Birth date of Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael, or HaElohim God the Father on earth.)

-and consists of 30 days.  On the 24th is observed a feast in memory of the abolishment of the Sadducean Law-

(BN: or even slavery?)

-which requires sons and daughters to be equal heirs and heiresses of their parents estates.



Now the first definition in the definition in the Black’s Law dictionary is on the letter A.

 ” A- The first letter in the English dictionary and most other alphabets derived from the Roman or Latin alphabet, which was one of several ancient Italian alphabets derived from the Greek, which was an  adaption of the Phoenician. The first letter in the Phoenician alphabet was called aleph, meaning “ox”, which is also the meaning of the first letter in the Greek alphabet, alpha.  Alpha and the second letter in the Greek alphabet, beta, were combined to form “alphabet,” which is largely the same in different language.  …etc    -def of A- -Black’s Law- -1st paragraph.-


The Ancient Ethiopian Hebraic Aleph Bet

Language: This is Ethiopia’s main language, Semitic. Semitic is related to Hebrew and Arabic which is why it has some of the same letter and names of the letters. People have been using Semitic for thousands of years.
 (Give thanks for this the information from where INI recieved

(From Ancient site/ Ancient Hebrew research center/ Ancient Hebrew Alphabet)

The Modern name for this letter is aleph and corresponds to the Greek name alpha and the Arabic name aleph. The various meanings of this root are oxen, yoke and learn. Each of these meanings is related to the meanings of the pictograph . The root (אלף) is an adopted root from the parent root אל (El), written as in the original script, meaning, strength, power and chief and is the probable original name of the pictograph .

(Notice the similarities from the Ethiopic original, the Hebrew, Greek and Phoenician )

Now from here let us trace some word particles of indigenous Holy Ethiopian Hebrew origin , after all as it is said,a Aren’t you as the children of the Ethiopians to me Oh! Israel (Amos 9:7)

Rev 1:8 -I G1473 am G1510 Alpha G1 and G2532 Omega, G5598 the beginning G746 and G2532 the ending, G5056 saith G3004 the Lord, G2962 which G3588 is, G5607 and G2532 which G3588 was, G2258and G2532 which G3588 is to come, G2064 G3801 the Almighty. G3841

Rev 21:6 -And G2532 he said G2036 unto me, G3427 It is done. G1096 I G1473am G1510 Alpha G1 and G2532 Omega, G5598 the beginning G746and G2532 the end. G5056 I G1473 will give G1325 unto him that is athirst G1372 of G1537 the fountain G4077 of the water G5204 of life G2222 freely. G1432



Original LAW

Though in Black’s Law they begin with taking root in the Greek, though it is a contradiction when concerning Torah law, or God given law, or what some may refer to as the Biblical Law, and sense law traces itself back to the Almighty God, then mischief whether purposely of or by ignorance of the law(Torah) still is not lawful and all things belonging to the Almighty HaElohim are proclaimed of Him from the beginnings.  It is affirmed that Israel is of the children of the Ethiopians and not the Greeks(caananites).

They(the Greeks) like all the descendants of Noah are descendant from the beginnings with Ethiopia,(Gen 2:13), Biblical account approves itself, though for man to achieve to ascend in higher learning principle and in all things, he must study to show himself approved (2Tim 2:15), for JAH people perish for a lack of knowledge(Hos 4:6)

Concerning lawful purpose- it is fair to conclude among the peoples to whom these laws may be concerned, though some may say this is a derivative of Greek source, this matter is that which the person to whom is willingly subject or made subject even knowledgeable of the source of the law concerning law which is instituted by the Almighty God(HaElohim), the truth which cannot be shaken from its place.  Being that the derivative of law is originated from the Almighty HaElohim the Father of lights.(James 1:17)



-Black Law’s Dictionary- 

Sovereign-A person, body, or state in which independent and supreme authority is vested; a chief ruler with supreme power; a king or other ruler in a monarchy. See also Clipped sovereignty; Sovereignty.


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