The Master of the Universe known by other various faithful and true Holy names, by which have been translated from the Ethiopian Hebrew to the modern day King  James Bible, in thus from here we must recognize that the original language in which the Holy Bible was written has been translated to the world in many different languages, but the one that we speak on here as in specifics would be the English language.

ፈዋሽህ እግዚአብሔር (Amharic) FeWaShi- Igzi’AbHer’ –  Hebrew-יְהוָה רֹפְאֽ- Yahweh Re’phe -English- Exod 15:26- The Lord That Healeth or straight up God (The Triune God that is) The Physician. 


The overstanding of the Ancient Ethiopian Hospital, which for faithful Rastafarians is the same as the New Ethiopian hospital, in it’s reference to what is known by the secular world as Marijuana and various other names by which this healing plant is called.  Now in touching back to the above previous paragraph, the name Yahweh Re’phe is one of the 7 compound names of Yahweh (Jehovah properly with no’ v’ sound).  The picture below is used in an artistic and spiritual perception of Ancient Ethiopian Cushite’s preparing one for the Afterlife after world, now if you look at the picture above with the picture right below it from a Tripart perspective, we get.

1) being brought into this world

2) being healed

3) prepared to leave, or barried

The Ethiopian Hospital

The Healing Plant Of The Nations

The first place that healed is found in the King James Bible is in Gen 20:17-רפא-Refa-H7495 When Abi-Father Abraham prayed for Abiymelech and JAH healed Abiymelech’s whole house, his wife his maidservants and his children, and how much more would He bless and heal the world if it only stood by His original order and truth.  We learn in this world quickly that the enemies of the One True God El’OHIM JAH RASTAFARI are always looking for ways to distract the order of His true Saint’s-קדוש -Qodesh-Kidus and the righteous universal government by which all the I stand.  Righteousness shall reighn in this world only when the true son’s and daughters of the True Black Christ stand up and step up and take their national and international identity’s in pure sovereign truth.

In the issue of medicine and healing their can be many things said, but unless it is beneficial to the service, health of human life and first and foremost JAH Almighty (for the unlearned or ignorant some say God) , then it would only serve as no use or mainly harmful altogether, but we find that there are healthy physical as well as spiritual benefits to and from Marijuana, there is also much evidence of Marijauana healing dangerous tremors in a 2 year baby girl-(www.cnn.com/HEALTH/library/ataxia/DS00910.html)  and also a 6 year old little boy (www.cnn.com/2012/12/10/health/medical-marijuana-child) , in which the young boy’s father calls it miracle Marijuana.



The Revelations of the truth of the Triune God has begun to reveal to the world but mainly to his true children who admit (that is to Amen) the truth in all things and especially in all aspects of human life, and in this presentation we would like to set the ordered record straight on medical Marijuana or Marijuana the universal healing plant which was given to man from JAH by JAH for the healing of the nations.  Being on the subject of the Ethiopian hospital, comes in to mind the vision of the Triune God for that of the Ancients and to what is made a new together through the one and only true God Father Abba Qedus H.I.M. His Imperial Majesty Qedamawi Haile Selassie.



This is what True Christians in Iyesus-Yesua (translated Jesus) Christos fight for, and as true Rastafari in spirit and in truth we would like to give our ever-loving thanks for our protecter guide and creator here now and for all time to come, for He left His blue print in love as a light for the enlightend to see, as justice for the righteous and healing and salvation for those who truly care to here and know the truth.



A very touching subject matter yet none the less is realistic, and no matter which way we look to go or to get away from it, the problem will not go away it will only get worse, there are many people incarcerated for Marijuana all over the world, and INI WE RASTAFARI as JAH’s true children in the Authority of H.I.M. Haile Selassie The 1st  Him, Himself we speak out and take action against such unjust and unrighteous  treatment of first foremost our Ethiopian Black African and mixed seeds breeds and generational cultures in all, whether knowingly of there Black Ethiopian roots through the Triune God given covenant and promised land generational seed of Abba (Father) Abiriham-Abraham or not. Also we are in all ways against anything outside of justice having been put into place by the One Good and True Triune God, Rastafari is against any unjust laws against all human beings no matter race or so-called ethnicity color, creed or backgrounds.

Many people all over the world are suffering today, fathers mothers and children behind unjust laws whether national or international, are sitting in jails being treated as criminals when it is very well not justified by the One and only Good Triune God, infact it is a sin, and true medical needs go unhelped while government institutions play political games for media fashion and political entertainment, and to mention besides medical, the poor suffer ( while countries like the United States act as if they have none referring to everyone who is not rich as “middle class”)  the use of these subtle and crafty terms only show the clear objectives of the country’s spokesmen who speak it such as or likened to the United States, that is to politically divide and/or control the majority of all people in co-opted manipulative propaganda.


A man/woman is nothing without his or her sovereignty, and when any people’s lack their fundamental rights they become vulnerable to subjection whether in their own ignorance, or by their own freewill.  It is therefore by the organized efforts of a people together to guide themselves by the one ultimately good powerful source to their own governmental declaration and order, and as His Imperial Majesty The One Haile Selassie has said that war is not the only solution to end a war.

There is a difference between defender’s of faith and creators of war, and as co-laborers in the vineyard of the One True Master of the Universe it is vital-(Ital for the learned) for not only the health but for and in all endeavors and aspects of human life and activity in the Universe.  Rastafari of the Universe would like to show our everlasting living faith appreciation of the E.W.F Constitution and By-laws of We-(I) the Black peoples of the world as for a blessed token established made set into order by JAH-Hu-The King of Kings Qedamawi Haile Selassie.  This one of many declared ordered establishment’s of the King of King’s has been responsible for the recovery’s of the original humans universal rights also the major importance of strong unity.



In Spirit IN Truth In through Iyesus Kristos and The Qedamawi Haile Selassie Birukhu EtHya-The Triune God, we bless all brothers/sisters in faith and at this moment of moments we would like to feel the cry’s of our brothers/sisters who(Hu-H1931) have been first taken captive against their good will, the many tortured and slain by enemies of the True God.




In Search of Black Assassins


“This guy looks like he’s up to no good …” George Zimmerman, the Hunter[1]

The U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Division–Defense Intelligence Agency Weird Desk (Nazi-Satanist Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino) and the CIA Occult Bureau tipped off their hand when Rachel Jeantel’s black face and image attached to propaganda of substantial subliminal negative stereo-typical racial imaging reached and opened virtually each and every local and national newsroom and broadcast across the nation.

After she testified as the state’s star witness in the George Zimmerman Murder Trial, 19 year old Rachel Jeantel’s face and image was set in cement all over the world as a LYING insolent, illiterate, useless and obese black character up to no good.

Even among people of color, decades long eugenic linked arguments of NATURE versus NATUREwere instantly revived. Just look at what all the government money, education, social and political programs produced- a…

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