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THE 2 SONS(Messiahs)

                                 IYESUS KRSTOS                                      LIDJ TAFARI                                           QEDAMAWI HAILE SELASSIE

We pray that you are still with us in this part of the Tabot series we(INI) would like to thank you all in the name of are Saviors Iyesus Kristos and the Qedamawi Haile Selassie Baruchu Bless for taking your time to read over this vital(Ital) information, for it is the key to the survival, revival and reparations of humanity in a whole.

For all humanity evolved from the people by which the world knows racially as Blacks(Ethiopians) and the world is currently in an end time crisis state, and for those of us who have faith in the Almighty creator it is very important that we overstand His word which He has given us to overcome all evil.

Now if you would please open your B.I.B.L.E to Deut 28. and if you were with us in the N-Word is sunshine pt 1. then you would recall that we left off on the blessings and the curses of the Hebrew-Israelites-Ethiopians-Black peoples of the world.

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Blessings & Curses

Let us(Le’Ule ‘Ethya’ I’Us) diligently pay attention to the words in the first verse Deut 28:1-וְהָיָה אִם־שָׁמֹועַ תִּשְׁמַע

– WIHyah Im-Shammua ToShema- In the Hebrew this means The I-Am mothers-renowned Hearing and Obedience of this word of the Almighty that thou shalt be set above High of all nations as His people in His land, which we also combine with the Royal Amharic within the Book of the 7 seals of H.I.M. in this verse is the word ብትሰማ-BitiSema To diligently hear/obey of the house of hearing and obeying as a family as a nation the house of Bethlehem. Note: ( similarity’s in the Hebrew ToShema to Amharic BiTiSema) .

Deut 28:1 አሕዛብ ሁሉ ላይ ከፍ ከፍ ያደርግሃል።- AHizAb Hulluw Ly KefI KefI YAH’dergiHALE The I(Ayin-Eye) nation/people All Above/or from above Highly Highly Yah established Powers/and even shining from the -Hebrew

In this verse it is clear that these are not just the LORDs people but a nation established and commanded, therefore it is the duty of Ethiopians all over the world to assist in their own God given government and to put down or dismiss any man made government especially of their own country.

In the second verse of Deut 28 the YAHWEH says that these Blessings shall over come thee if thou shalt hearken to the voice of MeYAhYAH-IYAH IgizeAbHir Elohe-IsroiEl Jah Rastafari, following in verse 3 saying thou shalt be blessed in the city, in Hebrew it is H5782-city, the word Iyr, the word in the Royal Amharic is ከተማ- KeteMa, also blessed shalt thou be in the field continuing


(there are actually 33 if you let the Holy Spirit guide you through verse 1-2)

Deut 28:1-14 2.feild 3.The fruit of thy body 4.The fruit of thy ground 5.The fruit of thy cattle 6.The increase of thy kine 7. The flocks of thy sheep 8.Blessed shall be thy basket 9.and thy store 10.when you come in 11.when you go out 12.your enemies smitten before thy face 13.(The I)your enemies come against thee even once they flee Seven. 14.Yahweh shall command blessings on you in your store houses. 15.All that thy set thy hand to do 16.Blessings in the land he giveth thee 17.Establish I as Holy people to Himself. 18. They shall see that thou art called by the name of The Yahweh(Rastafari) 19.They shall be afraid of you

20.The Yahweh shall make thee plenteous in goods(produce) 21.Plenteous in the fruit of thy body 22.Plenteous in the fruit of thy cattle 22.Plenteous in the fruit of thy ground 23.Plenteous in the land which He sware to thy Fathers. 24.The Yahweh shall open to you his good treasure 25.The rain in due season 26. To bless all the work of thy hand 27.Thou shalt lend to many nations and not borrow. 28.He shall make thee the Head(Ras)Hebrew(Rosh) and not the tail 29.thou shall be above only and not beneath.

imagesCAPXODOF  Special  Ethiopian Church


(we want to note a blessing and a special thanks in Our(INI) Black Ethiopian Lord and savior Iyesus Kristos and The Qedamawi Haile Selassie for all the pictures that we have used so far in any of the Tabot series, for credit should certainly be given where it is do, and we pray that you forgive us if you feel we have used any pictures irresponsibly or not according to the message on which it was intended to serve, BUT FOR OUR PART WE GLORY IN THE BIBLE, thank you very much for your works in ABBA QIDDUS- The Father of Righteousness Qedamawi Haile Selassie- Jah Rastafari )

The connection of the inner true faith of the Ethiopian Tewahedo faith and the great spiritual connection with the E.W.F. for the Ancients, the on-coming generation, Ethiopians at home, abroad, all over the world and the faithful gentile as Tewahedo in it’s fullness are made Rastafari.

First and foremost why is the Ethiopian World Federation so important?  Because H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Selassie “empowered His special physician Dr. Melaku E. Bayen to establish the Ethiopian world federation” as it is stated on the History of the E.W.F. page from the E.W.F. website-.

INI as loving brothers and sisters in Christ send a message to all the many mansions of His house RASTAFARI, for the sake of the restoration of the Ethiopian monarchy of H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Selassie

It is important that we put away house to house tribal strife between brothers/sisters, as it is said on the Melek Media House blogg page at the bottom of the article titled “Homosexuals and Rastafari an open reasoning” is listed there a list of 7 things JAH hates, the one that I speak on here is the one that says he hates one or ones who sow discord between breadrin(Bread-Re-Iyin-Bale-Injera- Bread Brothers-Brothers in the word-visions of Yahweh-in His word which is bread).


haile_selassie_world_tour_ethiopia_onthe_march  imagesCA9I200B imagesCASEOSST

 AHizAb Hulluw Ly KefI KefI YAH’dergiHALE

The (I) people All from Above Highly Highly  JAH-Established-Deut 28:1

Again we point these facts out coming from the Hebrew to the Higher wisdom of the pure languge of the Royal Amharic and by H.I.M. empowering His healing angel Dr. Melaku E. Bayen to ” establish the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated- meaning combines us as an association to a single whole.  From the preamble we(INI) quote key terms

1.We the Black people of the world

2.IN True Order

3.To effect Unity(Unite)

4.Solidarity( agreement in strength and heart, HAYLE)



7.Self determination

8.To Secure Justice(for Ethiopia) (for the world)

9.Maintain the integrity(of Ethiopia)

10.Ethiopia Our Divine Heritage



13. Constitutionalized of the Ethiopian World Federation Incorporated.

This Organization came into being on August 25, 1937, in Newyork City.

 And this is also why counterfit christian babylonian preist businessman do not want to tell the lost sheep/or Black people of the world who they really are from a proper biblical interpretation.

As it is stated on the history page of the E.W.F. constitution ” As a result of the support Ethiopia received from Black people in the west during the Italian invasion 1935-1941, The Emperor granted 5 gashas of land in shashamane, Ethiopia, to the E.W.F. Inc. for Ethiopian people in the diaspora who desired to return to the motherland.”

Therefore there should be no tribal strife amongst INI as brothers and sisters, also overstanding that different breadren and sistren from different mansions have contributed to the benefit of the Restoration of The Ethiopian monarchy of H.I.M. Qedamawi Haile Selassie which is also the E.W.F. so we should be able to agree as one RASTAFARI.

Melaku                                                              imagesCAOVCY96

           Dr. Melaku E. Bayen                                                                                         Marcus Mosiah Garvey

There is some controversy between some unlearned ones of the tribes Benyamin and Judah as well as throughout all 13 tribes, regarding certain tribal matters that should have already been resolved in Iyesus Kristos and the Qedamawi Haile Selassie, but due to some unknowing of all truth, as well as things put in to place by the father make emotional decisions based on a personal idol bias of certain prophets of whom/or which they have been brought up and raised to love without overstanding the errors that this one has made, and here we speak of Marcus Garvey.

INI take no credit away from Marcus Garvey even though he was said to have given a bad report of H.I.M. and spread a message of dout of the King of Kings, also while on the other hand H.I.M.s personal physician Dr. Melaku E. Bayen had also exsposed Marcus Garveys anti-ethiopianism.

Though many ones are just now becoming more familiar with Marcus Garveys error it still should not take away from the good that he did do, but INI as Ethiopian-Hebrew-Rastafarians all over the world it is very important to overstand the things that have really taken place in our history, also the importance of the E.W.F., and that Melaku E. Bayen was also sent my H.I.M. after Marcus Garvey had already slander His name.

To Be Continued-

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