The N-Word Is Sunshine

Sunrise over Langano, Ethiopia


A people without a name is a people without a soul root, all words and names have soul rooted influence’s and always at root best spiritual influnces.  The word Nigga has up to 21 different types of words and definitions in the Hebrew alone, also in the Ethiopic and Amharic.  The word Nigga(also depending the spelling) in its derogatory senses has shown to be much harm to one particular people of which who feel a strong connection with the word according to so-called ethnicity or race.  True history tells a story of this people who go by many names, most of those names have been polluted but there is one unaffected and pure, The Ethiopians.  Though their are many names and these names apply to their history’s and times that are important for the people in a whole, before we could ever go into these history’s and times we must first overstand the enemies within and out.

There is a word in the Hebrew known as Naggah-H5050 which means to be illuminated and it is by no doubt or coincidence the modern day connection to the word or the people in shining.  All so called Blacks(Ethiopians) all over the world have a modern day slang or so-called Ebonics(Hebronics) for the word that means to shine, in which I would give many examples but being that there are so many in this part of the Tabot series I will only give a few such as- “this little light of mine”,  “get your shine on”, “shining like a true star”, “real niggas always shine”

Don’t be startled when hearing or reading the word nigga it is not derogatory but rather the ignorance that it is right in your Bible but to remember that the way the word is said by which persons and culture also makes a difference, such as between the word Nigga and Nigger, and the word should not be used by immature individuals for thus it becomes dangerous to them or for them.

Places in the Bible for the word Naggah- 2Sam 22:29- the word lighten, Job 18:5- shall not shine, Job 22:28- shall shine, Ps 18:28- enlighten, Isa 9:2- shined, Isa 13:10- to shine.


Ignorance for one of truth also a lack of strong spiritual heart for family bloodline and ones own generational ancestral history and background, not able to come into to the good to receive good because they can’t overstand the bad to overstand the curse to overcome the bad to overcome the worst In and through Yeshua- Jesus Christ-Iyesus Kristos and The Qedamawi Haile Selassie.  We(INI) mention the savior for the fact that we find that the truth in the original historical events of these 2(III) Messiahs are the keys to the true livelihood(Le’ULe-YHI-Uda)  as well as our ultimate source for spiritual growth and in thus(IN-us) will overcome all obstacles and all environmental barriers elements and evils.



The reason why the subject matter of this is not dealt with properly, is because it is done so outside of the Bible which by error can cause a immature thought process in the individual, and also the mental sickness of denial of truth.  There are therefore certain subject matters pertaining to the subject of so-called Black African Slavery or some prefer to say The African Holocaust which are completely false.  For Example

1. The Europeans civilized the Africans

This statement is completely false according to the definition of the word civilization itself and firstly according to the biblical testimony, humans are not civilized through inhumane treatment but rather through the repaired repatriations from the wounds of evil by God is natural and righteous human order restored.  The word civilization means to have a comfortable intellectual cultural development at a Higher standardized order, in other words to be Christened.

Civilized does not mean to be brutally, and savagely taken from your land to be raped, killed, taunted, plagued, bought and sold as merchandise, which makes the person doing it a pirate merchant, and this is one of their symbols…


The Merchant Demon Worshippers

Jolly Rogers- JAH -Lie- Roguers-

The Color of the flag represents the full spectrum of righteous ownership of the whole man, but the bones on top or in the middle show a submission to death and through death have given up natural order to chaos and that’s why the bones cross because once a man gives up righteousness for disorder he lives without rule or rules and thus becomes chaotic, and what happens when a man crosses another man wrong ?  At the lowest and immature state there is blood shed even of innocent.

At best whether we want to here it or not Jolly Rogers stands for Black Death or Black Slavery that is the real Black plague, and to which most of these things are obvious in subliminal and are not hidden from plane site, but do to ignorance a lot of it willingly, Human beings fall to the death cult growing before their eyes becoming mindless spineless victims of deliberate evil.

 Take in the note that the skull and crossbones sign has so many details of evil demonic activity and witchcraft throughout time that it requires a whole blog presentation by itself.

The Real Reason Why Blacks were enslaved(The African Holocaust)

Deut 28:15-68 also note: verse 15 starts with the curses that these people would face for disobedience but the first 14 verses before are blessings if they did right.

If you don’t know theses things and your just hearing or reading them for the first time, you should get familiar with it even if you are not a Black person but especially if you are, for the key to all your problems is in this 28th chapter of deut(do the right thing) and the Savaltion of Christ is for all who admit in spirit and truth.

I will go over Deut 28:15-68 in THE N-WORD IS SUNSHINE PT 2.