Lion of Judah Society Nation – Torah Portion 12 prophecy -የሕይወቱ YeHiywetu Vayechi And he lived Heb 11:21


Hebrews 11:21 The meaning of the verse and what it represents

By faith -(self choice of name change to Israel)- , Jacob 1. Ras Tafari

2. or the original sense of the church from its roots, ancient, Ethiopian , the black church of the east and west by extension north and south, the relied on priest and prophet husbandman or His best men, His soldiers leaders of the bride the church.

When he was dying 1. man in spirit being born again to truth and reality – in a good sense.

2. also the creeping coup 1974 in Ethiopia against the King of Kings, taking the last King to sit on the throne of David off of the throne, a symbol of mans fall from light into darkness and the bitter natural reflex of human failure and disillusion giving advantage to worldly belief and false powers and death in a -bad sense.

Blessed both the sons of Joseph 1. Manasseh and Ephraim- Africa Ethiopia- the EOTC the church in its original sense and the OAU- (now called the AAU)

2.  Manasseh and Ephraim- the Falasha’s of the west the scattered tribes of ethnic black and brown Israel by future replacement and the oncoming generation- the LOJ (Lion of Judah Society) and the EWF (Ethiopian World Federation) .

Father Jacob also switched His hands with the children putting the younger before the older in this Torah portion an interesting answer in a parable, even Joseph wondered at this, it is also a future parable. Gen 48:20

-In extension to Israel today- the Lion of Judah Society Nation, for Israel everywhere every race belonging to the King of Kings is world citizenship status, and companion Israelite nations-.

And worshipped– the true act of real worship of the one true God JAH Ras Tafari- the Head to be reverenced and respected, and not in a worldly sense nor seeking – Hebrews 13:10

Leaning– (Supporting itself- depending on the support of its self- on the support of JAH people, concerning the support of JAH people.

On the top– the Ras- the head- Hebrew Rosh- Greek strongs epi G1909 a position- super imposition of Torah time,in spirit mind nature the promise land place, or order- after the order of Melchizedek- Psalm 110

of His Staff– The Shepherds Rod- Pslam 23, by extension the word rod occurs 86 times in 81 verses in the KJV, though at the moment we will focus on one particular verse Exodus 7:9- in this function the Rod is the chief or boss, of a company lawfully under the orders of the Almighty on earth to men especially a pharaoh, or King or head of state a president. The Almighty God Ras Tafari is the Shepherd of this Rod .

-by extension of the oncoming generation the LOJ- Lion of Judah Society nation-

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